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October 29, 2020

Utah’s Mandatory Divorce Education Courses

If you are divorcing and have children together both parties are required to take Utah’s mandatory Divorce Education Course and mandatory Divorce Orientation courses.

The court requires both parties complete the divorce education and orientation courses.  If you are the petitioner in the case, you must take the course no later than 60 days after filing the petition, or if you are the respondent you will have 30 days to take the courses from the time you are served the petition. The course is provided by USU Extension provides the online courses, a link can be found on the court’s website. Additionally, it is the petitioner’s responsibility to serve notice of the requirements to the respondent. As your attorney, at Read & Read, we prepare the notice and have it properly served.
It is important to know that the courses must be taken and certificates of completions submitted to the court before the court will sign the final divorce decree, or even schedule a temporary order hearing.  They are separate courses, but can be taken at the same time and are generally offered live, through video instruction, or online. Due to COVID-19, the courses are only available online at this time. Once you have completed each course, you will be provided with a separate certificate of completion for each course, which should be downloaded and forwarded on to your attorney at Read & Read to file with the court, or if you are representing yourself, you will need to provide the certificates directly to the court.
The classes combined will take three hours, so plan accordingly. You can take the courses in one sitting, or on different dates/times. The cost for the two classes is $65.00 ($30 for Divorce Orientation, and $35 for Divorce Education).

Oftentimes people feel very frustrated with this requirement. However the courses provide great information about the divorce process including things like what happens after divorce, the positive and negative aspects of divorce, financial and legal aspects of divorce, etc. They also provide important information for parents about how children experience divorce, tips on how to discuss divorce with the children, what should be discussed with the children and what should not. Many people feel this is common sense information, but divorce is an emotional time for parents leaving it difficult to remember that is also very difficult for the children. For so many people divorce is unchartered territory, and these courses can answer questions you may worry about when it comes to children and your divorce. If you want additional resources, reach out to Read & Read, LLC. We can help.

If you are divorcing and have children together both parties are required to take Utah’s mandatory Divorce Education Course and


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