Property Division Lawyer in Salt Lake City

According to Utah law, property division is to be done equitably. This can be confusing, since equitable is meant to determine what is fair. And what is fair, does not always equate to what is equal. Confusing right?

In the eyes of the court, both spouses contribute to the property they acquire during their marriage. This remains true regardless of income source. In fact, many of our clients are surprised to learn marital property can be divided, even in cases where only one spouse holds the title to the property in question.

Since the division of assets can be confusing, we recommend hiring legal counsel to ensure all communication with the court reflects your wishes. This recommendation stands for couples who agree, as much as it does for our clients’ who disagree on what they feel is fair.

Divorce is never any couples first choice, and dividing the life you built together can cause further stress. Let our qualified family law professionals help!

Don’t navigate your divorce alone, let us help ensure you have what you need to thrive in your next chapter. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today! 

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