Post Divorce Modification Attorney in Salt Lake City

There are multiple reasons why a post divorce modification is needed. However the most common are typically due to a change in income. Did you help support your former spouse advance their skills during your marriage, and they were given a major promotion shortly after your divorce was settled? Have you experienced a job change or loss, which has significantly reduced your income? Regardless if the change is due to a job gain or a job loss, you can request to modify the financial terms of your finalized divorce.

Modifying the previously agreed upon terms, might also be applicable in terms of child support. Since it is not uncommon for children’s health and education expenses to rise as they get older, the amount of support you once received may not longer cover the cost of new needs.

We advise seeking family law counsel, even if both parties agree to modifying the terms of their settled divorce. To make those changes legal.

Don’t navigate your divorce modification alone, let us help ensure you have what you need to thrive in your next chapter. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!

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