Domestic Violence Attorney in Salt Lake City

It is never okay for your divorce to become violent. Not only could it get you in serious trouble with the law, and require you to retain a defense attorney. Your divorce case will also suffer. 

As much as we understand the roller coaster of emotions present in the midst of a divorce, there is never a reason to threaten or cause physical harm to your spouse. If you threaten to harm your spouse or cause them physical harm, a protective order is likely be granted against you.

Sadly, in our years of experience in divorce law, our attorney’s have also been made aware of escalation tactics, which are used by divorcing parties in an effort to gain custody. Hence why we always advise our clients’ to disengage from volatile situations.

Are on the other side of this scenario? If you are being verbally or physically harmed, report it to the police and seek a protective order immediately. Helpful resources can also be found at Utah’s Department of Human Services website

You do not have to face your divorce alone, let our family law experts ensure you have what you need to be safe in your next chapter. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today! 

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